Oak Brown Vinyl Plank Flooring

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This vinyl flooring passes the R11 Slip resistance classification, making it one of the highest slip resistant vinyls around. This means its ideal for bathrooms and kitchen floors where waterproof flooring and non slip properties are required.
DIY Self-Adhesive Flooring Vinyl For Sale!

Dimensions: 92cm x 15cm per piece with 1.8mm thickness

Pricing goes by every 1m² (Roughly 7 pieces) for $28
(Per piece: $4)
Pm us for the number of m² you need.
Eg. Order for 1m² = $28, 2m² = $56 and so on

*Strong adhesive
*Able to apply on all flat surfaces
*Easy to clean and maintain
*Able to withstand high temperature
*Easy to apply and DIY.
*Comes with adhesive, no glue required
*Hassle-free installation!

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